Orbita Tourbillon 1 **


The Tourbillon (tür-bē-yōn) blends Orbita's innovative watch winding technology with a chic, futuristic appearance. The elegant 3/8" thick crystal glass enclosure allows viewing of the entire operating mechanism and lighted displays.

Orbita Tourbillon 1 **

Item #:WW35001
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Winds 1 automatic watch
  • Tourbillon winds one (1) automatic watch
  • Select winding speeds of 650, 800, 950 or 1,300 TPD
  • ON/OFF controls allow for clockwise or counter-clockwise operation
  • Stainless-steel rollers and self-conforming watch cushion
  • Glass case with crystal finish
  • Lighted, LED digital time and turns-per-day (TPD) display
  • Universal AC Adapter with six-foot cord
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty


1-Watch, Glass



Glass & stainless steel

6.00H x 6.00W x 6.00D (inches)