Changing a Watch Band

Replacing a watch band is a fairly simple task. Watch the instructional video for step-by-step instructions.

Tools used in Video:

Spring Bar Tool

Mini Spring Bar Tool

Polishing Cloth Cloth

Remove your old watch band:
  1. Place your watch band on a cloth or other soft surface (to prevent scratching). If you’re like me (poor finger dexterity), you may want to use a bracelet holder to help stabilize your watch case.
  2. Use a Spring Bar Tool (both standard and mini are available, but we recommend the Mini), or other thin device (small screwdrivers, nail files, finger nails, etc. have been used by many) insert the forked end between the watch band and the case lug. The objective is to catch the shoulder of the spring bar with the forked end of the spring bar tool. Once you have accomplished that, simply push down (toward the band, away from the lug) until the end of the spring bar is removed from the watch case lug. You will then be able to pull your watch band from the case. Be sure to pull gently to avoid both scratching and losing your spring bar.

One section of your watch band has been removed. Now, repeat the process on the other side of your watch case. Then you’ll be ready to install a new band.

Install a new watch band:

  1. Insert the spring bar into the case-end (make sure to include the end pieces of metal bracelets) of your new watch band.
  2. Insert one end (bottom end) of the spring bar into the pinhole of the case lug.
  3. Use your spring bar tool to catch the shoulder of the opposite end of the spring bar, and compress it to shorten its length.
  4. Maneuver the band and spring bar (keeping it compressed with tool) so that it (spring bar) lines up with the pinhole on the other lug. The end of the spring bar should snap into place. Remove your spring bar tool.

Now repeat the process on the side of your watch case. Once completed, you’ll be ready to try out your watch with the new watch band.

Of course, you can always stop by your local jeweler or watch shop and get your watch band changed by a professional.